Personal life rant

So some girl I use to work with told me I’m the devil and a pathological liar because she thought I moved some jewelry at the jewelry counter we worked at and after I told her I didn’t do it and she continued to yell at me in front of customers I walked away. Then after I deleted her from Facebook she would text me saying “stop thinking your in competition with me” how can I be in a competition when I don’t know what your doin with you life!? Then she goes to tell me I lied about a fishing story a while back. Okayy she’s obviously crazy so I ignored her. She keeps sending me messages telling me I’m the devil several times. I continued to ignore her. A few weeks pass and she confronts me at work, confessed she is crazy and I thought the drama was over. Nope, she texts me at 5:00 in the morning and took her apology back and said I’m still the devil and she doesn’t mess with evil! I told her she is using me as a mirror and seeing herself in myself. We stopped talking for a whole year. She then adds me on Facebook, so I accept then message her asking “so you still think I’m the devil?” And she says “I’m not sure how I feel” well why the fuck did you add me!?!?! Then I start seeing her post similar things I post, almost daily. Then I post something saying “if someone does the same exact thing as you do something ridiculous and see if they so it too” after that post she blocked me!! So its obvious she was the one in competition! What is wrong with people?? She then unblocked me an hour later probably stalking me, so I blocked her and I’m never allowing this soul in my life again… sorry for the rant I just had to relief myself.